Founded in 1975, Yin Hui Enterprise Co., Ltd. engages in the production of soft packaging materials for foods, drugs and electronics. Products from Yin Hui are popular in daily life and consumers can get them conveniently. Especially in a time when people are asking for quality life and at the rise of the consumer awareness, our products can enhance the feeling of quality and value of your products. Besides making continual improvement to existing products, we engage in the R&D of high-tech products. Yet, our enthusiasm of service will never change. The number of clients keeps increasing over the years, and our products are recognized and used by leading manufacturers home and abroad. More importantly, we are the appointed packing material supplier of many world leading manufacturers.

In the 21st century, we are upholding with the spirit of sustainable operations and continual innovations. Besides maintaining of existing services, we will expand the scope of services to antistatic packaging materials for use on high-tech electronic products. We hope that we can develop greater competitive advantages for fellow associates of the packaging material industry in Taiwan with the best quality and best services!

6F, No.34, Sec.3, Chung-Shan North Rd., Taipei 10452 R.O.C.